D20 Battleground is your local table-top gaming destination in the south of JHB.Our goal is to help you feel exhilaration when victory is in your palm, the excitement when you reveal a trap; the stress and quick thinking of on-the-spot tactics; the disappointment when the dice are just not in your favour, –but most of all it’s being able to boast about your exploits and tactics to fellow gamers.

From board games to Magic the Gathering, from Warmachine to Catan, D20 gives you the chance to be a general of your own army, leader of a Starfighter squadron, ruler of your own civilization, or even a powerful mage.

Join us to take up one or more of these fantastic roles and to experience the excitement and exhilaration of table-top gaming through friendly, competitive, and organised play.

After the smoke has settled and the games are over, grab a slice of pizza and discuss where you went wrong, or boast about your exploits, chat with fellow gamers about new tactics you can employ in your next game.

But D20 is not limited to just adults. A range of educational games, science kits, and children’s games let all ages engage both thier creative and logical brains.

If you would like to experience this with us then head to the Contacts section and fill out the registration form to get more info, or else pay us a visit and come try a demo game.

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